i was born on january 19th 1964 and raised in a boomtown working class environment
i made a lot of drawings as a child and received much attention by the rest of the family
i had my first audience in the waitingroom of the general practitioner when i was 4 years old, singing the beatles' song 'michelle'
i got my first guitar at the age of 8 and had a teacher for half a year but got bored with the conventional lessons
i kept the guitar and although it didn't sound too good, i liked to use it as a toy

i finished primary school with high expectations

on secondary school i graduated in 1983 on the highest level, with good results in dutch and english

i went to study social sciences for two years at the university of nijmegen, the netherlands
meanwhile i also enjoyed concerts of garage-, sixties trash and rock 'n rollbands and picked up playing bass guitar
after giving it a lot of thought i decided i could mean more to this world as an artist than as a graduate in social or political science

i returned to my place of birth in 1985 to concentrate more on culture and started to work as a volunteer in a cultural centre
within half a year i became a member of the centre's staff and was film coordinator for about a year
meanwhile i played in a couple of bands that rehearsed there, with a style ranging from psychobilly to garage and psychedelic rocksongs
i played slap bass and sang in the first psychobilly band in the city called 'the fresh brains'.

the first group in which i could really flourish for a short period as a singer and guitarist, was the city beat fountains, a psychedelic revival band that existed from 1986 until 1988, with exciting
compositions and an impressive live perfomance in their best days

i went to study at the design academy in eindhoven in 1988 - then named aive - and very soon experienced difficulties combining this with playing in a band
i chose to play experimental funk on a modest level with fellow students
i followed modules of three different departments of the academy: living, environment and information
after 5 years on this academy i had to end it with a certificate, in spite of all the good results

in 1994 i started the band hayride and soon found a workspace in the old van abbe karel 1 cigar factory, where i could experiment with design and music
at the same time i spent a lot of effort in trying to schedule the building for preservation, since it was a nice example of early modern architecture (1926), but unfortunately a project developer already had the permit for the demolition
recently it became clear that his business went bankrupt due to mismanagement
a plan for a rebuild and optimisation for future use as a reconstruction talent centre has been initiated

in 1999 i followed a one year course in digital design and had a succesful internship at a graphic design studio
combining music and design succesfully became something very important to achieve, since it appeared to be difficult

we formed the instrumental band twang with kindred spirits in the spring of 2000,
some of them from the city beat fountains (and hayride), playing exactly the kind of surf music we liked and started to perform as from Decembre 2001

i started my own business as a digital designer on may 1st 2000 without any financial resources and worked for a few graphic designstudios as well as for océ international headquarters
i became responsible for the interface design of the web sites of océ from late 2001 till halfway 2003
the design was sold to more than 30 operating companies worldwide and was used by océ until 2013

i raised a record label named 'twang records' and was able to release the vinyl album 'licensed to thrill' by twang at the end of 2002
twang was in fact the first serious instrumental surfband in town and the independent approach generated much appreciation by a small audience

the band disintegrated halfway 2003; we ran out of inspiration after i got health problems i had to solve
after this hectic period it became clear that the same destructive commercial phenomena played a role in different disciplines;

an insufficient, quick and dirty worldwide management culture was an important factor in this regard therefore i started investigating the combination of music, architecture, art, science, technology and design, stressing the importance of the concept of the universal man because it generates a valuable connection with the world

in august 2003 i raised the new taxandria foundation, an organisation that investigated the possibilities of enhancing the quality of the human environment
an important aspect of this research is genealogy, an activity that is continued onto this day
the foundation and my company lab 4 lasted until november 2013, due to more important activities

since 2004 i decided that working autonomously has the highest priority for him, because that's the best guarantee for his health, integrity and the quality of my art
i started drawing, photographing and making independent graphic works
i got the honourable assignment for the website celebrating the 100th birthday of frits philips in 2005
in the same year my designstudio moved to a brand new building, close to the centre of town

late 2005 i raised the group glasco turnpike in which i sang and played guitar
the glasco turnpike album 'long distance love' was released on the internet in august 2008

i started preproducing several albums, on which i appear as the solo-artist doctor robert who is playing all the instruments, arranging the rhythm-tracks and engineering the sound
it turned out to be a very inspirational state, allowing me to produce exactly the kind of music and artwork i liked

using doctor robert as an artist's name would however prove to be problematic

since 2011 i also started painting and creating other imaging art like mixed media works

the creation of new songs came to a halt in 2013, but as from september 2016 recordings started again, resulting in the preproduction of four new albums

in 2015 it's becoming clear that my knowledge of mental health based on twenty years of experience could no longer be ignored
therefore i developed the alliance formula, created in order to improve mental and public health substantially
i also started working seriously on a book about genealogical research on ancestry from high nobility in the middle ages in the male lineage

Since 2015 several inventions were created that demand a high level of secrecy

Portrait 1968

genealogical research in progress indicates that the vanden velde family originating from texandria descends from the lords of rode of which arnold I van rode is named prince in an original source; above is the oldest seal i found of this family, dating from 1406 AC
it is from sir godefridus de campo, dean of woensel, and it shows the three millrinds that are typical for families of whom memmbers are descending from the lords of rode or peelland; the coat-of-arms is held by two angels, most likely referring to the two wives he had
see the genealogy page for more information